Suzanne de Paris was founded and trademarked in 1974, to engage in the field of cosmetology, aesthetics, make-up artistry and professional services for face and body.
We are in the business of providing a broad array of unique, high quality specialty treatment products for the face and body, for both male and female, along with fragrances, color cosmetics, and nail and beauty care.

Comtesse Suzanne de Paris, Proprietor, President and CEO of Suzanne de Paris Produits et Institut de Beauté International Corporation, is now celebrating her 40th anniversary in providing excellence in the therapeutic and anti-aging skin care, cosmetics, and fragrance industry with her daughter, Brenda Suzanne Richards, whom is the Vice President and International Marketing Director. Throughout the years she has operated from eight different locations: laboratories in United States and Paris, France, the headquarters at 509 Madison Avenue at 53rd Street in New York City, Institut de Beauté at 629 Park Avenue at 65th Street in New York City, Offices in West New York, New Jersey, Warehouses
in Fairview, New Jersey, Franchise Institut de Beauté in McLean and Chatham, Virginia.

Suzanne de Paris and Comtesse Suzanne de Paris are trademarked in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico and internationally including France, covering all French colonies worldwide including the Middle East, Russia, China, and Armenia.

Comtesse Suzanne de Paris is a descendent of Charlemagne of the Imperial Providence of France (742-814). Charlemagne was the Holy Roman Emperor of France, Rome and Germany. Her noblesse oblige is inspiring, as she has dedicated her life to making people all over the world, of all walks of life, from housewives to world leaders, look and feel healthier and younger through flawless skin.

Comtesse Suzanne de Paris has been an international skin care teacher and consultant utilizing her unique therapeutic treatment techniques and inventions for the past 40 years. She has taught every client that has walked through her doors along with countless cosmetologists according to her world renowned skin care system.

Comtesse Suzanne de Paris is recognized for her diversified education in national and international business and politics and professionally, for her scientific, therapeutic treatment inventions and products for anti-aging and problematic skin conditions. Her treatment techniques and inventions are unique in the field of Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Make-up Artistry. Based on her Comtesse Suzanne de Paris and Suzanne de Paris natural ingredient, French formula treatment products, she invented the “Natural Face-Lift”(lifting, contouring and firming against the earth’s gravity), wrinkle removal treatments, stretch mark and cellulite healing treatments, along with curing problematic oily and acne prone skin. Comtesse Suzanne de Paris is an expert at treating and balancing one’s pH, acidity, and sallowness (yellowness, which is common in Asian, Hispanic, Indian, and Middle Eastern skin) and normalizing the dermis and epidermis for a healthier look and total epidermal rehabilitation. The safety and effectiveness of her skin care products, manufactured in the United States and France, have won her international praise and recognition by beauty editors worldwide since her establishment in 1974.

Comtesse Suzanne de Paris manufactures exports and sells over 100 different specialty, therapeutic skin care treatment products for all skin types and colors: White, Black Asian, & Hispanic, specializing in treating Ethnic Skin. Our line also includes a full color cosmetic line and the “Incurably Romantic” Fragrances: parfum “Sensation” and eau de toilette “Comtesse” both made from over 2,000 natural fragrance materials.
Comtesse Suzanne de Paris created scientific treatment techniques and pharmaceutical grade, therapeutic treatment products, which target virtually every skin care condition, leaving all skin types younger, healthier, and flawless. Anyone and everyone that uses Comtesse Suzanne de Paris specialty ant-aging treatment products can look up to twenty years younger.
The Suzanne de Paris & Comtesse Suzanne de Paris skin care system, invented and authored by Comtesse Suzanne de Paris revolves around 3 different at home skin care Regimens: Hydrating for Dry and Aging Skin, Oil-Free for Oily and Problem Skin, Sensitive for Delicate Skin, and Body Firm and Beautiful for stretch marks and cellulite. Comtesse is world-renowned in providing unique treatment techniques and products for anti-aging, wrinkle removal, acne treatment, dark spot pigmentation treatment, acne scar removal, and her coveted “Natural Face-lift” (lifting, contouring and firming the face, neck and décolleté, against the earth’s gravity).

Suzanne de Paris Produits et Institut de Beauté is seeking Agents, Distributors, Franchisers, Boutiques, Department Stores, etc. worldwide to market and represent her World-Renowned specialty skin care treatment products and fragrances.
Comtesse Suzanne de Paris is a multilingual leader and highly qualified Executive Manager offering more than 40 years experience of financial management and controller experience within wholesale/export distribution and the retail service industry. She is a results-focused and effectual leader with proven ability and talent for proactively identifying and resolving problems. Her focus is on maximizing productivity and delivering profitability.

Comtesse Suzanne de Paris is an outstanding achiever in the world of International Business, with a strong work ethic, expert communicating skills, and irreproachable integrity with extensive knowledge and expertise in finance, economic development and political science with her multilingual ability.

Comtesse Suzanne de Paris is highly experienced in strategic financial planning, profit and loss management, team leadership and collaboration. She overcomes complex business challenges, making decisions based on experience-backed judgment. She plans, develops and leads complex projects from inception through completion while managing the day to day operations of a full service Skin Care Institut de Beauté.  Comtesse de Paris is responsible for all decision making both financial and operational, overseeing all finances, business development, marketing, production, human resources and administrative affairs. She is highly adept at networking and acquiring customers both at the retail and wholesale level.

Comtesse de Paris oversees all aspects of product development and manufacturing, initiating all foreign contacts for Export/Wholesale sales. She develops strong business relationships utilizing all business resources including the U.S. Department of Commerce. She has travelled worldwide under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce, working closely with their New York and Washington D.C. offices and U.S. Embassies worldwide. While promoting American made products for export, she gathered extensive international trade and economic development experience. She is always focusing on overall business and economy, finalizing business negotiations, agreements and contracts.

In 1989, Comtesse Suzanne de Paris embarked on a massive extensive international business trip which started in London, continued to Paris, Istanbul, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and in Hong Kong, she participated in the US Pavilion, promoting her made in the USA products and services. She then continued to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Taipei, Philippines and Japan. During this trip, she garnered more research and experience with successful business ventures.

Since her therapeutic treatment products are highly beneficial for balancing the pH acidity in Hispanic skin, in the 1990’s, under the auspices of the United States Department of Commerce Washington D.C. and New York City offices, she traveled to Mexico City, Mexico, and then continued to South America starting with Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. During this successful trip, she received many newspaper credits and radio interviews.

In 2000, Comtesse de Paris participated in the Women in Trade Mission, which brought her to The Hague, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where the U.S. Embassy wrote an article in their publication welcoming her to do business in the Netherlands. The Mission later traveled to Paris, France, where Galeries Lafayette, the prestigious department store in Paris praised Comtesse Suzanne de Paris products by stating “C’est une tres haute gamme produit.” which translates to “This is an very upper scale product.”,  referring to the product itself, along with the package design and logo, created by world renowned cosmetic package designer, Pierre Dinand.

In 2003, again through the auspices of the United States Department of Commerce, she was invited to Russia and Armenia to promote her American made products. While attending Moscow’s Intercharm Beauty Show, she received a special Russian Diploma for her participation.

In 2005, through the American Embassy, she was invited to Beirut, Lebanon to participate in their “Made in America” exhibition.

Politically, Comtesse has held multiple positions, such as:

~Recognized in 1994 by Who is Who in the Republican Party for distinction and achievement in helping to promote and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Republican Party by President Richard Nixon, President Gerald Ford, President Ronald Reagan, and President George Bush.
~Life Member of the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Inner Circle, Washington, D.C. – due to her staunch support and leadership, Comtesse de Paris is also the proud recipient of the Medal of Freedom (the highest honor a civilian can receive) from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Washington D.C in 1994. Other recipients include: World Leaders, President Ronald Reagan and Lady Margaret Thatcher, and world-renowned Actor Charlton Heston. She is also the recipient of the Medal of Merit for her leadership in the Presidential Task Force. She has received numerous other awards and letters of credit, including messages from President Ronald Reagan, President George W. Bush and President George H. W. Bush, Senators, Congressman, Governors and Assemblymen in congratulating her patriotic achievements. In fact, she was invited by Senate Majority Leader, Senator Robert Dole to the first Senate meeting after the presidential inauguration in the 1989.

~National Campaign Advisor for the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Washington, D.C.
~ In West New York, New Jersey, Hudson County Republican Committeewoman since 1983
~In Hudson County, New Jersey, Executive Director and Finance Chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party
~In Hudson County, New Jersey, Honorary Chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party
~ Former Liaison to the White House for Ethnic Affairs
~ Former Chairman of the National Republican Heritage Groups (Nationalities) Council representing 44 ethnic nationalities in Washington, D.C. Comtesse received an award for being the “Fundraiser of the Year” and “Citizen of the Year”, among many others.

~ Former committee member of the very exclusive New York State Empire Republican Club, working closely with the Finance Chairman, Mr. Jonathan Bush, brother of President George H.W, Bush. Comtesse de Paris and Jonathan Bush, along with the New York State Republican Committee Chairman, had the honor of inviting Former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank, to an event in their honor at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Comtesse de Paris also worked very closely with Nelson Rockefeller Jr. and New York State Republican Committee Chairman in securing votes for the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Andrew P. O’Rourke in 1986.

~ Former Chairman of the Henrietta Wells Livermore School of Politics of the Women’s National Republican Club

~Founder and Former Chairman of the National Armenian American Republican Council in Washington D.C.

~State of New Jersey, 1996 and 2004 Presidential Delegate
Comtesse Suzanne de Paris continues her political leadership in New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C.
Comtesse Suzanne de Paris received her degree from the American University of Beirut Lebanon, where she graduated with a “Diplome Croix Rouge Libannaise”, affiliated with the International Red Cross, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Receiving this diploma entailed a full curriculum in international general education along with numerous medical courses, including midwifery and anti-aging. The courses here were in three different languages: English, French and Arabic. Comtesse de Paris also took civil aviation courses, where she later was responsible for training all airline attendants of Air France and Middle East Airlines, ensuring their anti-aging, general grooming, enhancing their appearance.
Comtesse de Paris began her professional cosmetology, aesthetics, make-up artistry research in Paris, Switzerland, London, Germany, India and the Middle and Far East. It was during her travels that she was able to scrutinize current products and trends in the cosmetic marketplace, which was beneficial when she began developing her own world-renowned skin care products and treatments in the United States.
Comtesse Suzanne de Paris studied general Cosmetology at Marinello Beauty College in New York City. She then became duly licensed in the State of New York in Cosmetology. Comtesse de Paris was then employed by Revlon as their sales executive and teacher, leading a team of sales representatives, ensuring they learned specific anti-aging demonstrations and sales techniques in both make-up and skin care.
Immediately after, Comtesse de Paris joined Elizabeth Arden, where she became specialized in both American and English skin care techniques. She was then responsible for training all of Elizabeth Arden’s employed cosmetologists the foundations of European anti-aging skin care.

Comtesse de Paris is a licensed Cosmetologist and Teacher in the Commonwealth of Virginia (rendering treatments and promoting her products to Washingtonites). When in the United States, Comtesse de Paris also took courses towards Masters Degree in Political Science at Columbia University, along with International Business Law courses at Alliance Française in New York City.                                                           
Comtesse has numerous credits which include:
Proud Recipient of the Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Dedication and Commitment in Advocating International Trade from the U.S. Department of Commerce.
In addition, she is recognized as an outstanding achiever in the world of business and industrial inventions with her Suzanne de Paris and Comtesse Suzanne de Paris natural ingredient French formula treatment products.       
Recognized by Who is Who in America for excellence and expertise in Finance and Industry.
Active Member of the independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors from 1974-2000.
Member of the New York Manufacturers Register.
Member of the Fragrance Foundation.
Write ups in the following publications include but are not limited to: New York Times, The United Nations’ Official Diplomatic Directory, Health Promotion Magazine, Beauty Scope Magazine, Elle, Essence, Vogue, Town and Country, Star Magazine, Product Marketing, Harper’s Bazaar, Time Out New York, Working Woman, etc. There are also numerous write-ups by Beauty Editors world-wide through the United States Embassies and Consulates. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Comtesse Suzanne de Paris’ specialty treatment products were praised for their effectiveness on Asian and Chinese skin. Throughout the years, there were numerous write-ups and praises in the Armenian Reporter International for both political and business achievements. Amongst the Armenian community, Comtesse de Paris became a household name. Comtesse Suzanne de Paris has also been on numerous television and radio interviews. Comtesse de Paris also was a featured advertisement in the Commercial News USA, published in Washington D.C., and distributed worldwide to all the U.S. Embassies and Consulates.

Comtesse Suzanne de Paris products have been used for the past 40 years by people from all walks of life; from world leaders, such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Lady Margaret Thatcher, United States Presidents, First Ladies: Nancy Reagan, Barbara and Laura Bush, Marilyn Quail, Anne Romney, Senators, Governors, Congressmen, and Assemblymen to the average working woman. Comtesse Suzanne de Paris has received countless letters of praise and testimonials from satisfied clientele for the remarkable results of her unique specialty treatment techniques and products.
The United Nations Hospitality Committee organized and invited all United Nations ambassadors’ wives to Comtesse Suzanne de Paris’ Institut de Beauté located at 629 Park Avenue at 65th Street for a lecture and demonstration of her anti-aging treatment techniques and products. Thirteen countries’ ambassadors’ wives attended this event and in return Comtesse de Paris received a letter of appreciation from the United Nations Hospitality Committee for her successful event and effective results of her treatments and products.
Comtesse de Paris is fluent English, French, Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, and speaks some Spanish and Italian which has helped her greatly with communicating with international business ventures.
Comtesse Suzanne de Paris proudly presents, as a visible testimony of your love…the splendor of full face and body beauty care, a treatment for virtually every skin type. THIS IS A GIFT FOR A SPECIAL PERSON…A GIFT WITH A REGAL AND ROMANTIC HERITAGE, WHICH WILL TRULY PROCLAIM YOUR LOVE…Parfum “Sensation” and Eau de toilette “Comtesse” were especially created for Comtesse Suzanne de Paris, Proprietor, President and CEO of Suzanne de Paris Produits et Institut de Beauté International Corporation.
Our headquarters is located at 509 Madison Avenue @53rd Street, Suite 1714, New York, New York, 10022. Please visit our website: You may email us at, call us at (212) 249-9100, or fax us at (212) 838-0037.